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Happiness … Here.Now. Together.

Presence, acceptance, joy, enthusiasm.
Sharing is multiplication of emotions: caring.
Quality is beauty that nourishes your joy.
Here, where the hippy soul of the Isla meets the wilderness of the forest, the warmth of wood, the
strength of stone and there……. the sea, the sand, a boat.
Carthaginians, Romans.
Bes Island for the Phoenicians.
Yebisah for the Arabs.
Eivissa for the Catalans.
Ibiza for the Spanish.
Each with his own journey,
each with baggage,
The flavours of the Mediterranean diet flourish alongside the colours and tastes of oriental
Chemical reactions, which cook ingredients in a completely innovative way, changing their flavours
and textures .
…molecular cuisine.
Pirates, corsairs, smugglers …
The French hand lends EXALTATION to the gastronomic cultural crossroads :
here is the menu .
Here, everyone is as they please, enveloped by a harmonious and vibrant landscape bordering on
the sea: that which expands taste to high altitudes of fullness.
Here, right now and together, there is no breakfast, lunch or dinner that does not lead to
"Happiness depends on ourselves"
The menu is happiness;

The 20th century, Ibiza, intellectuals, musicians, sculptors, photographers, painters and architects.
La Isla .. just like a sponge .. absorbs what comes from outside to distil it into something of its own
that it then spreads in the form of a dream.
Mixology …

a mysterious affinity, a perfectly explainable attraction.

Your energy is high
Our focus is that this is an experience of joy, contentment, positive well-being;
If this is , it will be combined with the feeling that our proposal is good, meaningful and useful.
Here it is, happiness.